Thursday, September 24, 2009

TWRA Internet Check-In Station

TWRA Implementing
Big Game Internet Check-In System

NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has announced that it will be launching its first-ever big game internet check-in system this year.
With the new system, TWRA is trying to accommodate hunters who may have difficulty finding an open check station by now allowing those hunters to check their harvested animals in over the internet. The new system can be accessed by visiting TWRA’s main Web site at or by going directly to the check-in page at

“The system is open to everybody who harvests a big game animal,” said Daryl Ratajczak, TWRA Big Game Coordinator. “Although we do want our hunters to utilize our check stations, we understand it’s not always a viable option, especially on those late-night retrievals. We also understand that taking a deer to a check station is a tradition for many of our hunters, and with almost 900 check stations statewide, it is a tradition that hopefully will remain strong.”

In the instance that a hunter must use the internet check-in system, he/she should find it user-friendly.

“The new system is really easy to use but it does require that you print out your permanent kill-tag and your next temporary kill-tag,” said Ratajczak. “If for some reason you are unable to print your tags immediately there will be an option for hunters to print a temporary kill-tag from the hunting page on our main Web site.”

Hunters must remember that it is illegal to hunt the following day until all the animals harvested the previous day have been checked-in.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I didn't know that they were putting up internet check-ins. What does this mean for those of who use deer hunting blinds? Do we have to do anything differently?

  2. What a great story about internet check in. It seems like a great way to do things. I hunt at . I will tell them of this new idea, awesome stuff.

  3. Doesnt matter the type of hunting you do, its just great that you can go straight home now instead of trying to find a market to check in your deer later at night.

    Like Spike said, I think all states should do this.

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